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I Know I Can Big Challenge

Welcome to the I Know I Can Barnsley Big Challenge.

Got an idea? Got a talent? Want to make some money?

The IKIC Barnsley Big Challenge is your chance to start your own business.  It’s simple…

  1. Choose to go it alone or team up with upto 7 of your friends
  2. Come up with a business idea
  3. Find a member of staff from your school, college or community group to support you
  4. Fill in the form below and tell us all about your business idea.
  5. Start making money

Your application form will be entered into the first stage of the competition where up to 100 teams will be awarded £25 from local entrepreneurs who will support you. You will then have 6 months to grow your business before competing for the overall title of I Know I can Barnsley Big Challenge Winner.

Start with a prize: Give as much details as possible!  The best description of your team and business idea will win an additional prize.

For more information talk to a teacher or group leader or e-mail helenshaw@barnsley.gov.uk

Application Form

This is how you Start, Please fill out the form below, remember fields marked with a * you will need to fill in.

Date Submitted
* Team/Business Name
Team Member Names (1-8)
* Team Year Group
* Team Email Address
Our Business Idea is….*
* Tell us why we should give your team £25 to get started
* Tell us how you would use the £25 start up investment
* School, College or Organisation
* Teacher/Supervisors Name
* Teacher/Supervisors e-mail address

“remember you need to find a teacher or group leader to support your team to be eligible?”